What is the Paleo Diet

When I first discovered the Paleo Diet, also known as the Paleolithic diet, I was already so tired of trying, searching and believing in diets that promised incredible weight loss but proved to be only average “yo-yo” diets that leave you hungry all the time and keep you slim only as long as you follow them. What is this Paleo Diet about?

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It’s a good thing the name itself arouse my curiosity and made me look into it. I was surprised to find out that the idea behind all the Paleo diet is not something new invented by nutritionists. In fact this diet is the diet of preagricultural hunter-gatherers, the way of eating of our ancestors. The Paleo diet food list consists of foods that can be hunted and fished, such as meat, offal and seafood, and can be gathered, such as eggs, insects, fruit, nuts, seeds, vegetables, mushrooms, herbs and spices.

A Paleo diet doesn’t require counting calories (as other diets) AND allows you to eat as much as you want. It will help you lose weight, build muscle, and get in the best shape of your life. That’s because our bodies are built exactly for this type of food. You see, the human body evolved only a little bit over the last 2 Million years, but our diet has changed drastically since the discovery of farming, 10,000 years ago. What I’m saying is that our bodies never adjusted properly to consume all of the grains and processed food we eat today.

Could you really lose weight and eat healthily without restraining yourself from delicious, tasty, full meals? Let’s find out!

Paleo Diet

All grains contain lectins, which are natural toxins that are produced to defend against consumption! Because of that, the lectins will do some small damage to your digestive system and over time will lead to affections like allergies and intestinal concerns but also anxiety and depression. Also, some grains contain gluten, a protein that is not tolerated by most of the people. The truth is that our bodies are not built to eat grains at all, that’s why our digestive system doesn’t tolerate them.

No animal in the entire world drinks milk beyond infancy. The same was with hunter-gatherers – milk was consumed as a baby, and that was it. As with grains, our bodies weren’t designed for dairy consumption. This is why many people are lactose-intolerant. After we grow, the body evolves and doesn’t produce the enzymes needed to digest the milk anymore.

Another big part of the paleo diet is NO consumption of sugar. Unless it’s taken from fruits, sugar causes an energy spike and crash in our body system. Makes our body to produce more insulin and turns to fat unless it’s used immediately. Sugar is the main culprit for diabetes and obesity.

As you see, if you take out grains, diary and sugar from your diet, most of the problems are solved, regarding obesity and some common diseases like high cholesterol, cancer and high blood pressure, diabetes and other.

How the Paleo Diet works for me and my family

One of my greatest issues each time I decided to try whatever diet, was the fact that I always had to cook twice: once for myself and once for my family. This can become really exhausting at some point, especially because you know you have to cook some delicious, full dishes that you are not even allowed to taste. You literally feel how your determination to lose weight is falling apart. With this comes frustration, stress, the poisonous thought that you will never do it, that you will never be strong enough to follow a diet to its end and truly lose weight. And this is another reason for which I was overly enthusiastic when I came across the Paleo Recipe Book and decided to make it my own “cooking bible”: it was full of recipes.

It is incredible how many different dishes you can cook, making sure that they are light and healthy enough for you to lose weight, and new and incredibly tasty for your family to enjoy. Having 395 pages and over 370 paleo recipes divided into 18 food categories and pictures that will simply make your mouth water, the Paleo Recipe Book offered me more than I expected. For instance, I can’t say that I’m such a great or inspired cook, so I’ve always tried to avoid really complicated dishes, especially because I don’t have much time to experiment. The book is full of detailed information that will walk you through the process of preparing the most complex, innovative recipes. In my opinion, it is not just a collection of Paleo diet recipes, but a true guide that helped me not only to lose weight and re-balance my body, but also to offer my family a new, healthy lifestyle.

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