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As everyone else, each time I decided to try a new weight loss diet, my enthusiasm fell once I realized that after two or three weeks I was already bored of the foods I was allowed to eat. Searching the internet for new recipes, then trying to be creative and invent new ways of combining the ingredients… all these made me feel frustrated and led to me simply giving up on my diet. The Paleo diet, though, is a completely different thing. One of the things that truly impressed me and convinced me to follow the Paleo diet was the fact that there were so many Paleo recipes that promised diversity. Here are some of my favourite Paleo recipes ever.

The Paleo dessert recipes simply have to be the greatest surprise for those who want to lose weight but find it almost impossible to give up their guilty pleasure: sweets. These recipes are completely gluten-free and dairy-free, do not use flour, processed sugars or preservatives. These recipes are based on Paleo-friendly ingredients, such as nuts, seeds, fruits, honey and spices. Every time I have a hard day at work, the only thing I can dream of is rewarding myself with some Paleo pancakes, which is my absolute favourite dessert recipe.

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The Paleo breakfast recipes saved me from starving because, according to other diets, I wasn’t allowed to eat much for breakfast. We all know that breakfast is the most important meal of the day, that if you take care of yourself and eat healthily and consistently before going to work, you will feel energized and ready to do your best. There are so many examples of Paleo breakfast recipes, that you will have diversity each morning. My favourite are fruit smoothies and salads.

Chicken poultry is one of the most popular foods in the Paleo diet. A very important mention would be that the poultry should come from free-ranged chickens. These chickens are, actually, the only ones that are grown truly naturally, being allowed to go outdoors whenever they want and feed on plants and insects. Once you’ve made sure that the poultry is of high quality, you can try some amazing Paleo chicken recipes. My favourite is roasted chicken and herbal gravy.

For those who have time or are passionate of cooking slow, delicious dishes, the Paleo crock pot recipes will be the best choice. It is said that food becomes even tastier and more mouth-watering when it is cooked slowly and carefully. This is entirely true. And if you don’t have time to cook these complex meals during the week, at least spoil yourself with a rich dinner on Sunday night. How about some stuffed pork chops with apples and walnuts? It surely sounds luxurious.

Last, but not least, nothing can calm you down and warm you up like a soup. The Paleo soup recipes make everything even easier for you. They are very easy to cook and this is a great advantage for those who come home late from work, they are tired and so hungry that they wouldn’t be able to cook something more complicated. Some hot soup will truly restore your joy of living. Try some Paleo vegetable soup and don’t forget to replace rice (which is not allowed in the Paleo diet) with the healthy cauliflower.

As you can see, there are countless of reasons for which you should definitely give the Paleo Diet a try. It has so many delicious Paleo recipes that it will be impossible for you or your family to ever get bored.

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