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Let’s Twist that Chick! 3 Featured Chicken Recipes

Date: Aug 10, 2013

paleo chicken recipes Chicken! How many times have you had fried chicken this week? Twice, thrice, fries?! How many times have you been to McDonalds or Burger King and find yourself ordering their signature fried chicken because there’s nothing else on the menu but fried chicken and burgers? So you opt to settle with fried chicken saying that “This fried chicken has lesser calories than a Big Mac”. How often do you see yourself stuck in the fridge with nothing else to cook but the good ol’ chicken breasts? See where this is leading to? Yes, I know we all love fried chicken but when you have it for twice or three times a week, it gets boring or you can get sick of it. There are times when you feel like you’re growing wings from eating fried chicken twice or thrice in a row.

Well, chicken is relatively the easiest food to cook. You can fry it, grill it, or just about anything you want to do with it. So, here we are again finding other ways to making your experience with cooking chicken a better one. Let’s twist that chick with these new and easy ways to prepare chicken that your whole family will surely love.
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Paleo Cauliflower Rice Recipe

Date: Mar 30, 2013

paleo rice cauliflower
This is my method for making “rice” from cauliflower. If you haven’t tried it, you must! It tastes very mild. It can be used under a sauce, such as crab imperial or chicken ala king, or as the base for a dish such as fried “rice” or a “rice” salad.

One thing I have really embraced when it comes to this healthy living malarkey is eating lots of veg. I think the trick with really learning to love veggies is experimenting with how you cook them. Don’t like boiled brussel sprouts? Try roasting them instead. Raw peppers don’t float your boat? Try them grilled or in a stir fry…
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Paleo Sweet Potato Soup

Date: Jan 31, 2013

paleo soup This paleo soup recipe was on the shot list and it was one of my surprise moments. Sweet potato soup? It’s wonderful and why don’t we ever make it more often? Creamy, hearty and satisfying, this sweet potato soup is the perfect bowl to warm our cold bodies after a long days work. It’s the perfect diner for a cold January evening!

This recipe was adapted from one that I found it in Paleo Eating for Modern People Cookbook. This soup is given a holiday-accent by adding my secret ingredient: citrus zest! Just a pinch of orange or tangerine zest and the sweet potato soup tastes extra cozy and special. You can even add spiced accents like black pepper, cayenne and/or cinnamon.
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Paleo Pumpkin Soup

Date: Jan 25, 2013

Paleo Pumpkin Soup Because my family love both pumpkins and bacon, I started to think more about how awesome this combination would be. Thus, the inspiration for this recipe was born. I chose to keep some texture in this soup rather than pureeing it to a smooth paste. If you prefer really smooth soups, by all means, give it the immersion blender treatment. You can also do most of the steps in advance if that’s easier for you, and then the soup only takes about 15 minutes to prepare. I also used fresh pie pumpkins, but you could use a good quality canned pumpkin if you wanted to make this super easy.

If you’re going to use regular bacon, look for a reduced sodium one, otherwise your soup risks being too salty (you could also balance out with under-seasoned homemade bone broth, i.e., don’t add salt when you’re making your bone broth). I liked serving this soup with crispy bacon bits sprinkled on the top. An alternative would be to stir the bacon bits into the soup (they would be softer that way).
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Coconut Pancakes

Date: Jan 17, 2013

coconut pancakes If you are on a Paleo diet and want to lose weight, it doesn’t mean you should avoid eating pancakes. These coconut pancakes are delicious, especially if you choose to serve them with mashed berries and drench in coconut cream. Ideal for holidays and birthdays, but also for everyday breakfast, this elegant coconut pancakes that look like giant snowflakes are light and fluffy and very tender. They have great flavor and the berries really give the value of this paleo recipe.

When fresh berries are available in abundance, a great breakfast on the weekend should include cocnut pancakes. Easy to make, they also taste fantastic, as well as providing you with the reputed health benefits of all the antioxidants found in the berries.
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