Paleo Diet Food List

paleo food list When you choose a weight loss diet and you decide to stick to it, the first thing you must do is see which foods you are allowed to eat and which are prohibited. It is the same thing with the Paleo diet, except the Paleo diet food list is considerably longer and more generous that in the case of any other diet. The biggest problem most people face is coming to terms with the fact that they have to give up many foods they love. Well, the Paleo diet food list will show you just how wrong this idea is.

Because our purpose is to imitate the hunter-gatherer’s diet, it’s only natural to consume a lot of lean meats. You must avoid any kind of processed meats and focus on lean beef trimmed of visible fat, as well as lean pork and poultry, rabbit and goat meat. You may also consume organ meats, such as livers, tongues, marrow and sweetbreads. Seafood and wild game are a must in your Paleo diet plan, for they are known to contain 75-80% protein and 25-20% fat. It’s true that game meat is a bit more difficult to cook because it is tougher and must be cooked slowly, but it becomes even more delicious when you think how high in protein and low in fat it is.

Fish is also very low in fat and cholesterol, thus becoming one of the healthiest Paleo diet foods. It is also a good source of calcium, B vitamins and protein, so simply choose the fish you like best and enjoy it. Also, you can cook light, delicious dishes using all kinds of shellfish: clams, crab, crayfish, lobster, mussels, oysters, shrimp.

Eggs, on the other hand, must be reduced to six per week. If you don’t forget about this healthy limit, you are free to have any kind of eggs you want (chicken, duck, goose) as long as you take them from free-range chickens.

paleo diet food list

Fruits and vegetables also come naturally if you choose the Paleo diet, for they were as important as lean meats for the hunter-gatherers. You should eat fruits and vegetables for every meal and you are even allowed to taste some dried fruit, but moderately. Instead, nuts and seeds are quite rich in calories and they should be used with moderation if you really want to lose weight. You can have nuts as a snack food as long as you don’t exaggerate.

The list of prohibited foods clearly includes dairy foods (butter, cheese, ice cream, milk, yogurt etc.), cereal grains (corn, oats, rice, rye, wheat and absolutely all products that contain these grains, such as bread, pizza, lasagna, rolls, muffins, crackers), legumes (all beans, peas, peanuts), starchy vegetables (especially potatoes), salt containing foods and fatty meats.

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As you can see, the Paleo diet food list is very generous and indicates exactly what you can eat freely, what foods you should be careful with and what you should totally avoid. It’s all about staying true to our ancestors’ diet, because it is the only one that is truly appropriate for our bodies. Our Paleo Recipes will help you cook the best dishes!

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